The Right Time For a Roth Conversion

A Roth conversion – transferring funds from your traditional IRA into an after-tax Roth IRA – may be the best strategy for you as you head toward retirement. Converting at the right time can help you save big in taxes and pass on a smaller tax bill in your estate.

But legislative changes to Roth conversions could be on the horizon soon, and the right timing for you to make your move could shift. Don't miss your moment – join us for our on-demand webinar "The Right Time for a Roth Conversion" with Carson's Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, and Ryan Yamada, CFP®, Planner. They cover:

  • How Roth conversions work
  • Why Roth conversions are appealing in 2021
  • Why the CARES Act 2.0 could reshape RMDs and Roth conversions
  • Coordinating Roth conversions with 2021 taxes
  • What to consider before doing a Roth conversion
  • And more!

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